Places to visit during Badrinath

If you go to Badrinath yatra and travel the tiring journey in the mountains and only visit Badrinath temple Then you have missed some other important destinations. Sometimes when we talk about Chardham yatra we only consider Badrinath temple. There are still many places at Badrinath where people can visit and make their holy journey successful. If you are planning to go there don’t forget any one of them.

Badrinath Temple:

This is the major attraction of the journey. If you are planning for Badrinath yatra, you might have the all the necessary information about this temple. But still, we want to give a summary of the temple.

Badrinath temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is open for only six months every year. There are three structures over there. First is Garbhagriha, second is Darshan mandap and third is Sabha Mandap. The main shrine contains “Shilagram”, about 3.3 ft long image of Badrinath.

Charan Paduka:

There is a store is has the imprint of Lord Vishnu. It is another popular attraction of Badrinath.It is 3 km away from Badrinath temple.

Mata Murti Mandir:

3 km away from Badrinath there is a mandir called mate murti mandir. It is situated at the right bank of Alaknanda river. It is a sacred Hindu temple.

Mana village:

This village is the last village of Indian territory. After that China territory starts. This villager offers Choli on the closing day of Badrinath temple. They celebrate it at the annual fest. This village has many caves.

Vyas Gufa:

In one of the caves of Mana village, Shri Vyas Muni had written the Mahabharat. There are some caves which are associated with ancient sages and yogis for eg Ganesh Gufa, Bhima Gufa, and Muchakanda Gufa.

Bheem Pul:

A very big rock which is act as a bridge and joins the two mountains. Saraswati river flows between these two mountains. It is believed that Bhim has thrown the this rock to make the path between the two mountains.


It’s a triangular lake covered with snow. It is believed that Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh takes bath in that lake on Ekadashi. But there is need to take permission to go over there.

Tapt Kund:

Before entering in Badrinath temple, one must take the holy dip in Tapt kund. It’s a natural hot water spring. Its normal temperature is 55-degree Celsius but during the day it keeps on rising.

If you have planned your Badrinath yatra then you must visit these places too.There are some more places similar to them you can visit. Our Chardham and Badrinath yatra tour packages have a long list of similar places where you can go.